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Vetka Regional Executive Committee


The industry of the region specializes in milk and meat production. There are four agricultural production cooperativs, four agricultural unitary companies, three national agricultural unitary companies, a branch of the Gomelenergo company, the Lebedev agricultural company, a filial of Gomelkhlebprom, agricultural production company Svetilovichi, 4 farms, 23 dairy and 4 hog-breeding farms, stud farm #59.

The regional industry is concentrated in the town of Vetka:
Vetka cotton-mill, Vetka weaving mill, Vetka dairy, Vetka agroservice, Vetka PMK-93, Gomelobldorstroy, Vetka DRSU-185.

Major companies:
- Vetka cotton mill;
- Vetka dairy;
- Vetka weaving mill.

The economy of the region has been continually growing over the past years. In January – August 2007, the region met most targets of the social-economic development programme. Industrial production increased by 10.4% (the 2007 target was 8.0%), the trade turnover - by 13.8% (the target was 10.0 – 10.5%), exports ramped up by 74.1% (12.0%), imports by 126.7% (9.0%). The trade surplus totaled $2,410.0 thousand. Capital investments amounted to Br13,482 million, or 30.8% up (the target was 18%).

The profitability of products accounted for 4.8%.

In order to promote stable development the Vetka region seeks to attract both domestic and foreign investments. The inflow of foreign investments improves the economic climate and what is most important the quality of life in the region.

Over the past three years investments in the region increased more than two times. In 2004, investments amounted to Br7,417 million; in 2006 they jumped by Br9,528 million up to the total of Br16,945 million.